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Matt McFarlane - age 50+ - Originally hails from "Gods Country" (his words) Scotland, moving south at an early age. Widower of Christine (see sponsorship) a skilled Joiner and like many others in these parts also an Ex. Miner, Now working at Glenair UK where he is supervisor in charge of maintenance. Matt is the typical "hard nut" type. Hard case exterior until you find a very soft inner.
Dave Sipson - 50+ - Married to the lovely Tina and has lived in the Mansfield area all his life. An engineer by profession and has been with Glenair UK since 1981 as designer, engineering manager and currently as Technical Consultant. Has three dogs, (four if you include "mother-in-laws") and loves being outdoors so walking them has become a full time hobby. Your lucky to get a photo at all they are very scarce.



Two reasons really, my personal one is because I have wanted to for a very long time but as Tina (my wife) and I have always walked as a couple and she had never taken to the idea of a long distant path the wish never got off the ground. Don't misunderstand me Tina loves walking but prefers to walk each day from a known base weather that be in the middle of a camping site, a B&B or a hotel. I think its something to do with "home" somewhere to return to at the end of the day that's familiar. In fact when I raised the idea of doing the C2C early last year (2008) on my own she was dead against it, not because of me being on my own but because we always walked together and she as I say likes to go "home" each night. However (cos she loves me) she finally relented saying if I really wanted to do it she would support me in my efforts (as long she and our daughter Leeann could go on holiday to Spain whilst I'm away). Matt came along a month or so later suggesting he could come along and brought with him the second reason why. Matt very sadly lost his wife very suddenly a few years ago, Christine was a nurse who worked in and was very much loved and respected at our local hospital. So much so that the hospital named the newly built nurses training school in her name "The Christine McFarlane Nurse's Training School" and it is for this that Matt and I are trying to raise money by doing the C2C


The Coast to Coast (C2C) a 190 or 192 mile (depending on what reading material you have) long distant path from St. Bees on the west coast of Cumbria to Robin Hoods Bay on the east coast of Yorkshire, from the Irish Sea in the west to the North Sea in the east, passing through three of our countries National Parks, the Lake District, the Yorkshire Dales and the North Yorkshire Moors. Originally devised by the late and great Alfred Wainwright back in the 60's, it is (so I understand) the second most popular long distance path in the world (New Zealand I think is the answer to your question) yet it has never been adopted by the UK as a national trail. The chances are that the vast majority of people reading this journal (if any) will already know about the C2C anyhow and are more interested in our trials and tribulations during the walk, so for their benefit (and mine so I don't have to come across as some sort of anorak on the history of the C2C) I will leave it there. To those of you new to the C2C I'm sorry but there is a mountain of information already out there if your would care to look for it, all written far better than this illiterate bugger could possible do, so any information I supplied would be of very little consequence.


The easy bit, we leave Mansfield, Friday 8th May 2009 staying overnight in St. Bees. We start the walk on the Saturday and plan to complete over 14 days finishing in Robin Hoods Bay on Friday 22nd May 2009.

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